Hanscom Air Force Base Address
Bedford, Massachusetts

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Hanscom AFB, Bedford, Mass


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Hanscom Air Force Base

Located in Massachusetts, between four towns, this air base is nothing but unique. First of all, although the 3,800 staff work for the 66th Air Base Wing, the primary mission of the base is not to run any flying activities. It is rather to conduct research in the many fields regarding aircraft technology. The base does not host any aircraft. However, they do have a replica of a P-40.

Near-by, one can find the cities of Concord, Lexington, Bedford and Lincoln. These are places where people from the Hanscom Air Field find pastime activities, because there are no other attractions near the base. Nor are there any educational facilities, apart from the Research Laboratory. Hanscom is located on 400 acres of land. The base was founded in 1940 and, to prove its historical purpose, the first radar systems were developed in here. The base was named Hanscom, in honor to Laurence G. Hanscom, the aviation pioneer who tragically died in 1943.

There are various logos for the facility, all of them depicting stars (the symbol of power and the U.S.A.) and lighting, a symbol of efficiency. As for the housing, they do not have many facilities for outsiders, just a wonderfully-built Hanscom Visitors Center, near the Vandenberg Gate.

Hanscom is never involved in any mission because it always conducts research in the many fields regarding aircraft. However, they have recently received press on the occasion of honoring war veterans and technology pioneers. The press has always been favorable to Hanscom Air Field.